Our Vision

How A Pawn Works?
  1. Bring in your item(s) and tell us the amount you need to borrow, and we will evaluate the item(s) to see if that amount can be loaned.

  2.  Once an agreement has been reached, we will print out paperwork for your loan; to which a copy will be given to you. Then we lend out the agreed sum in cash. 

  3.  You have 30 days to pay back the loan with interest, or to extend the loan by paying only the interest.

What Will I Need To Bring?

To get a loan on your item(s) we need a Government-issued ID such as one of the following:

  • Driver's License

  • State-issue ID

  • Passport

  • Other government-issue IDs such as a Military ID

Other items required:

  • The item(s) you wish to pawn

  • Thumb print

  • Your Social Security Number
    (The card itself is not required) 

  • Why is SSN required?

    In October of 2016, The Federal Government passed new laws that altered The Military Lending Act to include "pawn shops" as financial service businesses. Which means we are now required by law to obtain your SSN and run a report through the government’s DOD database to determin if you are active military, or the covered dependent of an active military person.

  • What if I am active military, or a covered dependent?

    With the way the law is now written, we are unable to provide a loan that meets the legal requirements of the MLA law.

  • But if I am not active military nor a dependent, why do I still have to provide my SSN?

    We are legally required to check every customer in coordinance with the MLA act. The act requires us to enter your SSN through the government site, so they can verify that we are operating within the strict definitions of the law.



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